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HULK DRIVE!!!! #hulk #marvel #comic #car #customcar #nofilter HULK DRIVE!!!! #hulk #marvel #comic #car #customcar #nofilter

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Literal sketch comedy. #blackandwhite #comedy Literal sketch comedy. #blackandwhite #comedy

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A classic circa 2005 #art #sun #sky A classic circa 2005 #art #sun #sky

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Photo Essay – Riding down a Stormy day on the 405

Every day I take a bus down the 405, known infamously as the busiest Freeway in the United states. I figured this week I’d experiment and create a photo essay of sorts that describes my trip down the 405 through the rain. To make it clear, I WAS NOT DRIVING WHEN I TOOK THE SHOTS. 

The 405 stretches from the San Fernando Valley to Irvine in Orange County.

Starting our journey

One ramp alone sees more than 283,000 cars a year on average. 

Ascending into Oblivion








The section of the 405 most infamous for traffic is between Ventura Blvd and LAX. It’s called the Sepulveda Pass. Personally, I like to refer to it as the Devil’s Parking Lot.

The power plant hidden in the clouds (I don’t really know what it is.)

Often times, this freeway gets so jammed up that what would take 10 minutes in good traffic becomes 30-45 minutes.

In the carpool lane just after reaching the summit.









This freeway has been severely clogged, even in the dead of night. I’ve personally seen it jammed at 12am.

Driving into the foggy depths








The Getty Center is at the top of the pass, a free museum (except for the $10 parking fee)

The tram station for the Getty








Past LAX, traffic is generally normal except for Rush Hour.

Several times during the tip I had to fight the windshield wipers as they did their thing.









The infamous car chase involving OJ Simpson and his Bronco took place on the 405. Normally most car chases are fast, but the 405 ensured it would be slow for all parties.

When everyone is off the bus but your stop is the end of the line.


Off the freeway, arriving at work

The bus I take runs through UCLA and finally at the building where my firm is. Generally I have time to have breakfast before I clock in. Then after work, it’s back on the bus for a return trip.

Let me know if you want to write about that. The pictures will be better, I promise you.


Why The Stormy Daniels vs Donald Trump complaint was likely leaked to NBC News

As a paralegal, you learn more than a few interesting things about the courts that you can use to pick apart complaints. As I see this crap daily, it can get interesting when a case becomes national news.

In this case, Stormy Daniels is suing Donald Trump. NBC news claims they have the complaint saying so, which they do. I’ve attached a copy of the front page below (And I have the full complaint.)

Here’s the fun thing that I know as a paralegal: With few exceptions, every civil case in LA Superior is publicly available. However, LASC is really slow when it comes to making documents available. If you go look, you’ll see the case isn’t available online (As it was literally just filed yesterday.)

Something else I know from experience is that this particular case was filed in Stanley Mosk Courthouse, the central court for LA Superior Court (The “BC” case number is a dead giveaway.) So likely this is going to cause major traffic in the main court should this go to trial.

When you file a document with a court, you generally bring the original document and a copy of it. They stamp both documents differently: The original gets a “FILED” stamp and stays with the Court. The copy gets a “Conformed Copy” stamp and becomes the document you take with you as verification of filing.

If you look at the complaint, you’ll see in the upper right it’s the conformed copy, which means SOMEONE IN THE FIRM SENT THE COMPLAINT to NBC news; they didn’t go digging for it themselves, as it would have the “FILED” stamp instead.

Since the case is so new, there likely hasn’t been a response yet. When there is, it will be available via the court’s website for a fee, in case you’re interested.

In the meantime, I’m betting someone at that law firm made a lot of money and/or is likely getting fired, lol.


How you made Donald Trump president with the Law of Attraction

Donald Trump seems to be one controversy after another. Almost every passing day, he’s on Twitter he says something absolutely absurd. If not that, then he announces an insane new policy or rants about someone who criticized him or doesn’t like him. He seems hell bent on changing this country in extreme ways

Now, a lot of people who believe in the “Law” of Attraction frequently poo-poo Donald Trump and his actions, which seems to generate an unusual contradiction. As you’ll see in this article, Donald Trump is president, and as far as the LOA is concerned, IT’S YOUR FAULT. 



I recently read a post on Medium by an idiot of a Trump Supporter (Behind a paywall) who claimed that Trump practiced the Law of Attraction. To quote him “What if Trump in his exertion of public-facing confidence is simply taking the Law of Attraction to an entirely new level?” He then goes on to provide absolute nonsense that barely links back to the LOA, but not before linking to a Google search with several blog posts. Another LOA blogger, Zehra, claims that Trump is a “Duck,” meaning someone who “You can throw buckets full of water and other stuff at them, they just simply shake it all off. ” She claims one of the reasons that Trump won was because he “doesn’t really care what anyone thinks.” She continues:

Abraham has been teaching us all exactly that for a very long time.  Of course this contributes to him being a duck [i.e, someone that can shake off bad things akin to a duck with water] as well, and it is the reason why he says pretty much what he wants to, whether it offends anyone is not his problem.

By that logic, Obama should never have won in 2008 or 2012 because he was the polar opposite of Trump. Generally, trying to listen to other people not on your side in politics is generally a good thing.  

However, none of this is relevant, as there is an EXTREME issue that you, Law of Attraction believer, must understand and accept to truly believe in it:


Because the “Law” of Attraction works based on what you vibrate, it’s clear that you, through your vibrations, attracted Donald Trump as President. Even if you condemned him with every fiber in your body, you still somehow attracted Trump to the Oval Office. Katie Rogers, a Feng Shui instructor claiming to be a “Law” of Attraction student, explains as follows: 

“People were so repulsed by Trump that a momentum of energy went directly his way. The “horror” of a Trump Presidency played over and over in the minds of the American psyche that it manifested into being.”

In other words, because you had so much hatred of Trump, your energy attracted him to become president. From an LOA perspective, you are responsible for Donald Trump becoming president. Russian meddling aside, according to Rogers, “this election was either a pro-Trump or anti-Trump election, and the Universe only read that as “Trump” and “Trump.” So all the energy became pro-Trump energy somehow because the universe.

If you disagree….well, maybe you should think twice about the validity of the “Law” of Attraction. 




geralt / Pixabay

I hope that you were listening to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai right now regarding Net Neutrality. He said this with a straight face: “The FCC would simply require Internet service providers to be transparent about their practices so that consumers can buy the service plan that’s best for them and entrepreneurs and other small businesses can have the technical information they need to innovate.”

I won’t bore you with yet another plea to reject Net Neutrality. Many other sites with much better followings are doing a better job of rounding those up. Instead, I want to offer my thinking as to why we keep having to fight.

The communication industry will stop at nothing to end net neutrality

Companies such as Verision, AT&T and Spectrum have deep pockets. They also know that we the consumer don’t. Companies also employ legions of lobbyists to argue before Congress to tell them whatever they want. They will even lie in order to convince Congress that they’re correct. The companies want this, maybe not to block certain websites from end users, but to force providers like Netflix to pay extra in order for fast-lane access to the Internet, which Netflix in turn will blow back on its users.

Net neutrality will end when its proponents are either burnT out OR APATHETIC

The problem is that as I’ve said above, Net Neutrality opponents have more than enough money to keep this battle going as long as possible. They’re in it for the long run and they want to make it as difficult and enduring as possible for regular users to keep up. THEY WANT TO WEAR PEOPLE DOWN. 

Net Neutrality opponents are not above dirty tricks.

This year,the most underhanded tactics of all took place. Chairman Moron has said that despite the numerous protests and posts condemning the end of Net Neutrality, Ajit only said he would review those that had compelling factual or legal reasoning at to preserve Net Neutrality. In other words, who cares if everyone and their mother wants to preserve Net Neutrality? The FCC is ruled only by those who have the legal knowledge to argue for it…and I get the feeling they wouldn’t listen to them anyway.

Unfortunately  the vote on December 14th  removed Net Neutrality. But the war is far from over.

Positive thinking is bull

geralt / Pixabay

I need to say something about my life about positive thinking. People wonder why I’m so negative all the time. They say that my life has issues because of my bad thoughts, or as one person put it, my “negative thoughts turn into negative realities.” Except they don’t.

This is simply a fact. I don’t know why it’s the opposite for everyone else but apparently it works to be negative for me. But yet just googling “Positive Thinking” reveals site after site praising it…because reasons. Guess what? It’s BS to me.

 The more Positive thinking I have about something, the more likely things blow up in my face.

For most of 2016, I thought to myself “Ok, it’s going to get better. I’m free of the bullshit and nothing bad will happen.” Shortly afterward…BAM!!!! I fuck up at my job, or I piss off a friend, or something happens to my car, or a myriad of other fucked up things happens.

Even in situations that are kind of bad, If I think things will get better, they won’t: For example, the tires need to be aligned on my car… I went to get them aligned and all of a sudden I’m told there’s issues with the steering/axle/whatever and they can’t do the alignment until I pay about $2k in repairs.

Or I get put on probation at work. And I think I can get out of it, and I work my ass off to do so…then either something else happens where I fuck up or they fire me anyway.

As you can clearly see, this is why I get pissed off when someone tells me I’m needing to be positive or something like that. I’ve felt like I was a bad person for being negative, but it seems like the universe WANTS me to be negative. Because apparently, positive thinking causes disasters for me. The more positive I think and the more I think I will be OK, the more likely everything will come crashing down on me.

Honestly, you’re probably going to disagree with me. You’re going to sing the praises of positivity, gratitute, and whatever other happiness. Just so you know, you’re the kind of person who pisses me off.

Think you can call BS? Prove me wrong. I dare you. I’ve had people try to stuff positivity down my throat for years and I’M SICK AND TIRED OF THAT BULLSHIT.

Also, I’ll be either updating this article or making another with any claims/arguments I get in the comments, so expect responses.

Uploading Anchor videos to WordPress

It took a little time but I figured it out. Pain in the ass though if you ask me. Basically it’s as follows:

1. Make it an Anchor Video
2. Upload to WP Media
3. Make a post and link it in there.
4. Publish.

Let’s hope for an easier process, Anchor.

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