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How you made Donald Trump president with the Law of Attraction

Donald Trump seems to be one controversy after another. Almost every passing day, he’s on Twitter he says something absolutely absurd. If not that, then he announces an insane new policy or rants about someone who criticized him or doesn’t like him. He seems hell bent on changing this country in extreme ways

Now, a lot of people who believe in the “Law” of Attraction frequently poo-poo Donald Trump and his actions, which seems to generate an unusual contradiction. As you’ll see in this article, Donald Trump is president, and as far as the LOA is concerned, IT’S YOUR FAULT. 



I recently read a post on Medium by an idiot of a Trump Supporter (Behind a paywall) who claimed that Trump practiced the Law of Attraction. To quote him “What if Trump in his exertion of public-facing confidence is simply taking the Law of Attraction to an entirely new level?” He then goes on to provide absolute nonsense that barely links back to the LOA, but not before linking to a Google search with several blog posts. Another LOA blogger, Zehra, claims that Trump is a “Duck,” meaning someone who “You can throw buckets full of water and other stuff at them, they just simply shake it all off. ” She claims one of the reasons that Trump won was because he “doesn’t really care what anyone thinks.” She continues:

Abraham has been teaching us all exactly that for a very long time.  Of course this contributes to him being a duck [i.e, someone that can shake off bad things akin to a duck with water] as well, and it is the reason why he says pretty much what he wants to, whether it offends anyone is not his problem.

By that logic, Obama should never have won in 2008 or 2012 because he was the polar opposite of Trump. Generally, trying to listen to other people not on your side in politics is generally a good thing.  

However, none of this is relevant, as there is an EXTREME issue that you, Law of Attraction believer, must understand and accept to truly believe in it:


Because the “Law” of Attraction works based on what you vibrate, it’s clear that you, through your vibrations, attracted Donald Trump as President. Even if you condemned him with every fiber in your body, you still somehow attracted Trump to the Oval Office. Katie Rogers, a Feng Shui instructor claiming to be a “Law” of Attraction student, explains as follows: 

“People were so repulsed by Trump that a momentum of energy went directly his way. The “horror” of a Trump Presidency played over and over in the minds of the American psyche that it manifested into being.”

In other words, because you had so much hatred of Trump, your energy attracted him to become president. From an LOA perspective, you are responsible for Donald Trump becoming president. Russian meddling aside, according to Rogers, “this election was either a pro-Trump or anti-Trump election, and the Universe only read that as “Trump” and “Trump.” So all the energy became pro-Trump energy somehow because the universe.

If you disagree….well, maybe you should think twice about the validity of the “Law” of Attraction. 



10 Questions for anyone who believes in the Law of Attraction

TeroVesalainen / Pixabay

Since the inception of The Secret back in 2006, it seems like a whole bunch of people have crawled out of the sewer to try to sell people on the Law of Attraction. Apart from being a Victim blaming & Contradictory mess, there are also many questions that anyone who believes really should sit down and think about before they continue attempting to be “Mindful” of their thoughts.



Questions to ask about the loa

Please explain how the “Law” of Attraction is a universal law when unlike every other universal law, The LOA also requires that you have full faith in the law.

2. If two people use the LOA to attact the same finite thing (for example, a job opportunity at a company,) who wins? And how?

3. If the “Law” of Attraction always works, why are there cases when things fail not because of alleged error on the manifestor, but because they “Weren’t a match” to the thing they were trying to attract?

4. If James Arthur Ray is supposedly as good with the “Law” of attraction as he claims to be, then explain how he ended up in prison for negligent homicide for allowing two people to die during one of his woo steam tent experiences?

5. Why are LOA practitioners, gurus, and life coaches so afraid to put the LOA to the test? Why are they so afraid of someone questioning their beliefs that they will resort to ignoring, blocking or having their subjects dogpile the questioner? If something claims to be a universal law, then it should be subject to the same testing as the other universal laws. Unless of course, they think it’ll lose.

6. Other universal laws such as the laws of thermodynamics or Newton’s Laws are pretty much established and set on objective principles. How can the “Law” of Attraction be a universal law when its methodology is blatantly subjective?

7. This is more a request then a question: If “The secret” is as ancient as LOA believers claim, please provide decisive evidence of writings of the “Law” of attraction before 1930 (which is when it was actually coined by a man named Wallace Wattles.) Note that they must specifically be talking about the LOA here, not simply you twisting writings into “proof” of the Law.

8. Again, if the “Law” of Attraction was a universal law, its applications would be relatively consistent across all “Experts.” Instead, we see people having completely different approaches and requirements to the LOA, and even different definitions. Please explain how this can happen.

9. If Quantum energy is what powers the “Law” of Attraction, please explain why the “messages” The Secret claims helps run this barely leave the human body, yet somehow affect the universe?

For Number 10 I offer a situation I ask to every LOA believer:
In 2005, a nine year old girl named Jessica Lunsford was kidnapped from her own bedroom. Over the course of a weekend, she was raped, beaten, and eventually buried alive, eventually dying buried in 2 plastic garbage bags.

Fast forward to 2007. Joe Vitale, Who appeared on The Secret and is one of the biggest proponents of the “Law” of Attraction, is on Larry King Live talking about The Secret. About this point, Lunsford’s rapist and murderer was found guilty, so When asked by King if Lunsford could attract the atrocius acts commited upon her, Vitale responded with this: “We are attracting everything to ourselves. There is no exception.”

Do you agree with Mr. Vitale? If so, are you in effect saying that Jessica Lunsford deserved what happened to her? And how exactly did she manifest that? Or do you believe her parents attracted it, which violates the above rule about us attracting our own manifestation? Bear in mind she had a normal childhood with normal parents, no abuse, nothing out of the ordinary. Also, bear in mind you’re also advocating victim blating.

If you don’t agree with Mr. Vitale, then I have but one question: Are you willing to consider the “Law” of Attraction for the bullshit that it is?

This article was originally posted on Medium.

The Teal Swan Cult Part 1: The Swan

Holgi / Pixabay

Some time after I was witness to Teal Swan’s incredibly absurd article about child abuse, I was researching videos by other “Law” of Attraction personalities. I had forgotten about the article above, until I saw Teal’s name and a great deal of videos that she did.

The first video, which I watched, was entitled “F*ck the Law of Attraction.” The video can be summarized as follows:



  1. People hate the law of Attraction
  2. The Law of Attraction is how the universe works
  3. We are apparently in the process of manifesting a new universal rule or some shit like that.

This was when I first started to take note of who Teal was. After remembering her above article, I looked further into her. At a young age, she was allegedly incorporated into some hybrid mormon/satanic cult. She was subject to abuse and indoctrination for several years, while her parents didn’t think a word or realize a thing. She managed to break free at 19 and is now touring the world trying to “Heal” people.

Based on fragments of information, I also know she modeled at certain points in her life.   She claims that she was forced to by her cult until she got tattoos, which supposedly prevented her from continuing to model.  Nevermind the fact that several people continue to model despite (or sometimes because of) their tattoos.


Teal Swan’s media online

Teal is a prolific video poster on Youtube. Her video content ranges from psychology, to medical issues, to mystical/spiritual content. Her videos generally consist of her talking to you (through the camera) in front of a green screen. During this,  she stares almost unblinking at you, as if dispensing a stern lecture with you about how you broke an expensive vase.

At some point, Teal decided to create a Premium section of her website, locking certain content behind a monthly price of about $12 (As of the writing of this post). The posts are usually past workshops she has hosted and extended daily updates that she makes on her Instagram account.

While Teal does have a Twitter account, it is simply a repost of her Facebook content.

Teal Tribe

Teal also has a community of people dedicated to following her, which she refers to as “Teal Tribe.” The group has a Facebook page and a forum on Teal’s own site, where they talk about the various issues brought up by her. You would imagine that it’d probably be a big “love and light” community all about how wonderful Teal and the “Law” of Attraction is, but you would be wrong. 

In the next post, I’ll be talking a little more about Teal Tribe. This will include what I learned when I entered the group.




The Law of Attraction – The Victim Vibration

DasWortgewand / Pixabay

The core statement of the Law of Attraction is “whatever we give a lot of attention to will become part of our lives. The theory likens us to magnets that are constantly attracting what we think about.” (Sciencing).  Many of its practitioners are quick to state that the LOA is a “universal law,” and as such there is no escaping it and its effects.

Needless to say, this opens a very big and horrible hole when dealing with the “Law” of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction shifts blame on the victim and not the perpetrator

Because of this, many of its believers are quick to suggest to people that when bad things happen to them, it’s because they somehow manifest it. Or, if they DO believe in the “Law” of attraction, that they simply aren’t manifesting hard enough, or still have negative thoughts, resistance, boundary issues, or a numble of other

On an episode of Larry King Live, LOA snake oil dispenser Joe Vitale was being interviewed for The Secret. When King questioned him as to if Jessica Lunsford, a kid who was kidnapped, raped and killed by a pedophile, could have attracted what happened to her. Vitale responded with this:

We are attracting everything to ourselves. There is no exception. I hear previous people talking about there is luck, there is some exceptions here. No. We attract everything. But we’re doing it on unconscious level, Larry. That’s what is going on. We have to awaken to our own conscious power.

In other words, Joe Vitale said with a straight face that a 10-year-old girl somehow manifested a pedophile to kidnap her from her room, rape her, and then leave her to die in a garbage bag buried in the ground. He failed to provide any reasoning or evidence for this. Instead, he simply moved on to talk about how wonderful The “Secret” was. Because clearly, Jessica was totally having negative thoughts or something.

This is one of the central reasons I despise the Law of Attraction and the people who spew it. And one of the reasons I want to annihilate it.

In blaming the victim, the Law of Attraction promotes rape culture.

Marshall University defines Rape Culture as “an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture.”

In this case, The “Law” of Attraction, in arguing that we attract everything that happens to us, is implying that woman attract their own rapists. They manifest rape or domestic abuse situations because of their own beliefs. Of course, that’s ridiculously misogynistic.

Joe Vitale’s logic can easily be applied here alongside Jessica’s case. If a woman is raped, they clearly must have attracted it somehow. Or even dumber, they could take Teal Swan’s insane approach and argue that as a “non-physical being,” the woman chose to be raped in her lifetime. Both of these are wrong.

Do you honestly believe people attract everything that happens to them? Why or why not? 

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