My Message to those observing their first Mother’s Day without their mom

My Message to those observing their first Mother’s Day without their mom

There are many messages like this, I’m sure. But this one is mine.

There are a number of you today who will be observing Mother’s day for the first time…after their mom has passed away. I want to offer my condolences…and my personal insight.

I understand grief is a beast that takes on many forms so I can only offer my approach on the subject; I only hope it helps you somehow.

My mom passed away almost seven years ago, and for the first six months, I felt like I would never smile or be happy ever again. Thankfully, that didn’t turn out to be the case, but I do remember that first Mother’s day well.

The ads got to me. The constant support and love from people and their moms. It just made me feel horrible, much like you’re probably going through. A certain song from a Disney movie which for the sake of further triggering you I will not state here played throughout my mind in the week or so leading to Mother’s Day.

I can tell you this: The first Mother’s Day without your mom is the worst one. Easily. But you only have to get through this first one. Subsequent ones will become easier and easier as you pass them. Same goes for things like Christmas, your birthday, Thanksgiving, etc.

Mother’s Day ads don’t cause me to get emotional anymore, but they still annoy me. But that’s something I have to accept.

You are strong. You will get through this day. All you need to do is get through this one day, and all other ones will become easier.

Happy Mother’s Day.