Why Lexis Audio Editor SUCKS!

Why Lexis Audio Editor SUCKS!

So I go to a meeting where I’m charged with recording the main speaker for a massive podcast. When I took on this meeting, I wanted it to be as good of a recording as I possibly could, so I rigged out my phone to record. I purchased a nice lavaliere microphone and I downloaded an app called Lexis Audio Editor.

The reviews on LAE were very positive, but there was one caveat: The app would not record in MP3 unless I paid for it. I figure that’s acceptable, as I can always get the file converted using Zamzar or Audacity or whatever.

So the first time I record, I set the phone and mike up with the speaker, set the app to record, and walk away.

20 minutes later, I discover that the app only recorded the first 2 minutes. Needless to say, I was furious.

I immediately tried to figure out WTF happened. No other reviews describe anything like this happening. I even tested it myself later and it worked fine, recording for 10 minutes even though the phone went to sleep. I looked at the settings and I found the below setting: Stop Recording if the device goes into sleep mode.

It was unchecked when I entered the menu, but I figured maybe there was a glitch or something. So I checked it and unchecked it again.

Tonight I recorded the podcast again. And guess what happened? It ONCE AGAIN only recorded only two minutes of the podcast. Needless to say, I was EMBARRASSED TWICE by this app.

I have since uninstalled this app and I am writing this post as a warning: DO NOT USE THIS APP. I can’t even figure out how to replicate the problem. I tried testing it raw, I tried sending texts to it, other notifications….I don’t know, it just seems clearly like it only records when it wants to. And it clearly didn’t want to record when I needed it to.