A Random Harry Potter Theory on why the Wizarding World was hidden

A Random Harry Potter Theory on why the Wizarding World was hidden

So I have an unusual Harry Potter theory. Now, I’m not abreast in the lore as I am in say, Warcraft or Zelda so I’m probably wrong but hear me out:

I was watching Fantastic Beasts last night with some friends, and the movie really stressed the fact that muggles and wizards are to basically never interact, and muggles never know of wizards. I kept comparing it to Warcraft, where wizards and witches are regular people, and fight alongside the equivalent of muggles (Who in turn could kick ass too.)

So I asked the question to myself: Why are the wizards hiding in the first place? And this is what I came up with:

Thousands of years ago, as the cliche would say, wizards actively oppressed muggles. They enslaved them, thinking themselves superior to the muggles as they possessed the ability to perform magic, whereas the muggles didn’t.

Eventually though, the muggles get tired of it. And they form a revolution. They figure out the weaknesses of magic and with that, combined with superior numbers, manage to eradicate the majority of wizards, and drive the rest into hiding.

The muggles believed they had rendered wizards extinct, and thus did not care to think that they could have survived. The surviving wizards realized this and decided the best way to preserve their power was to hide among muggles as they rebuilt their society, and then integrate their own society in such a way that it would be linked to the muggle’s own society, and be almost impossible to notice.

This is why there is the International Statute of Secrecy among wizards, to prevent another all-out war between wizardkind and muggles.

But I could be wrong. Again, not too good on creation myths in the HP universe.