That time when an Uber driver drove right by me and cancelled my ride.

That time when an Uber driver drove right by me and cancelled my ride.

Picture this: I get sent home by my boss due to illness. I work in West Los Angeles but I come from the Valley, and I park my car at a park-and-ride and take a bus to where I work. Unfortunately, that bus doesn’t run return trips until about 2pm (It was 10am at the time.)

So I have no choice but to call an Uber.

A brief time later, I got assigned “Ray,” a man driving a red Buick whose license plate escapes me. But he’s nearby and I’m waiting outside, so he can just come, grab me, and get me where I’m going.

Eventually, I see Ray, and he comes up to where I am on the sidewalk, makes eye contact with me, and turns onto a side street. I figure maybe he doesn’t want to block traffic or anything and walk onto the side street.

Except he literally keeps on driving. I sent Ray a call telling him he drove right by me, but it goes straight to voicemail. As I stand there puzzled, I get a notification that Ray has cancelled my ride.

I eventually got reassigned another driver who got me where I needed to go, but I was still pissed. I sent a tweet to Uber who told me to DM them the information, so I did. After an inquiry, they gave me a canned text about drivers being late and said they’d “look into it.” In other words, Uber didn’t care.

Well I fucking care, Uber.

Now I get that I was travelling a ways. But Ray didn’t have to accept the ride, and he CERTAINLY could have cancelled before driving over to me. It would have made me raise an eyebrow but I would have let it go. To wait until you literally are right at the destination and have made eye contact with the rider, and to drive off and THEN cancel the ride is total bullshit. The only thing I can think of is he didn’t want to drive someone my size, which is even worse.

So from here on out, here’s my policy in case this happens to you: Screenshot the rider, including name, picture and license plate/car. That way I can show Uber who it was that acted like a jerk.

Record when the driver arrives. So that way, if they take off, I have video evidence of them doing so.

Take video of you exiting the Uber, making sure to include the area you sat in. This is more to protect you from bullshit like fake spills or vomit that apparently are a thing because people are scumbags.

I really hope this doesn’t happen again, Uber. Else Lyft might start getting more of my business, even if they’re more expensive. To be honest, were I not sick I’d have just taken the trains home but whatever. Do better, Uber.

And Ray, wherever you are, I hope someone keys your Buick.