Why you should NEVER go to Hollywood & Highland or the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Why you should NEVER go to Hollywood & Highland or the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Imagine a place where you are accosted every 10 feet by some random dude who wants you to pay him $10 for his mixtape. And if you’re the charitable type, you’ll discover that his mixtape is the most expensive blank CD you will ever obtain.

Imagine a place that’s also frequented by people dressed as various celebrities who want you to take a picture with them (For payment of course.) Imagine being surrounded by these people, and tourists just as confused and anxious as you probably are.

Imagine this is a place where tourists all over the world frequent because when they think of Hollywood, they think of this place, and the Walk of Fame that straddles the sidewalks of this place.

Then imagine the place is snarled with traffic 24-7 and is a major pain in the ass to traverse. Sure, there’s a Metro station, but it’s riddled with crowds and people who are in serious need of mental or medical aid. We won’t get into the trash, drugs, needles, etc that are frequently discovered in that station.

And imagine this is a place where everyone wants to advertise everything, including a random brigade of Christians with megaphones yelling “JESUS IS THE MESSIAH!!” in the faces of both tourists and passersby. Imagine this happening daily. At all hours.

Welcome to Hollywood & Highland. Welcome to Hell.

Luggage Storage company Stasher recently released the results of a global survey of tourist attractions. Out of 100 different attractions, the undisputed worst was the Hollywood Walk of Fame. How bad? Well, for
Lotte World in Seoul, Korea, the second worst attraction on the list, 5% of TripAdvisor’s reviews were “Excellent” or “Very Good.”

The Walk of Fame’s percentage? ZERO. Same with Google Reviews.

And it’s for all of the reasons I mentioned above. The place is a shithole. And I didn’t even mention the pickpockets and the con artists apart from the mixtape frauds. They’re present too.

Think you’ll spot a celebrity at the walk of fame? I’m afraid not, apart from the costumed impersonators. You want to do that, you stand better chances in Burbank, Pasadena, or the nicer metropolitan areas. As an LA Native, I’d rather spend a day at Stanley Mosk Courthouse downtown (Also a shitty place) then spend an hour at the Walk of Fame.

Los Angeles DOES have culture and places to see. You just won’t find them in Hollywood. Look to Olvera Street near Downtown Los Angeles, or Disney Hall downtown. The Great Wall of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley provides great exercise and a wonderful mural depicting LA from pre-history to modern times. There’s also the LA Arboretum in Pasadena, where even when the parking lot is jammed, there’s plenty of room for everyone inside.

If you’re a Pokemon GO fan such as myself, you can find much better places to play at Grand Park, Cal State Northridge (CSUN for short), the Great Wall mentioned above, and the Santa Monica Pier (But go during the off-season, otherwise it’s as nightmarish as Hollywood and Highland).

Los Angeles has plenty to offer tourists in areas much nicer, safer and generally more interesting than the Walk of Fame. Don’t fall for the trap.

Inspired by an article by LA Magazine. You should read it.