Why The Stormy Daniels vs Donald Trump complaint was likely leaked to NBC News

Why The Stormy Daniels vs Donald Trump complaint was likely leaked to NBC News

As a paralegal, you learn more than a few interesting things about the courts that you can use to pick apart complaints. As I see this crap daily, it can get interesting when a case becomes national news.

In this case, Stormy Daniels is suing Donald Trump. NBC news claims they have the complaint saying so, which they do. I’ve attached a copy of the front page below (And I have the full complaint.)

Here’s the fun thing that I know as a paralegal: With few exceptions, every civil case in LA Superior is publicly available. However, LASC is really slow when it comes to making documents available. If you go look, you’ll see the case isn’t available online (As it was literally just filed yesterday.)

Something else I know from experience is that this particular case was filed in Stanley Mosk Courthouse, the central court for LA Superior Court (The “BC” case number is a dead giveaway.) So likely this is going to cause major traffic in the main court should this go to trial.

When you file a document with a court, you generally bring the original document and a copy of it. They stamp both documents differently: The original gets a “FILED” stamp and stays with the Court. The copy gets a “Conformed Copy” stamp and becomes the document you take with you as verification of filing.

If you look at the complaint, you’ll see in the upper right it’s the conformed copy, which means SOMEONE IN THE FIRM SENT THE COMPLAINT to NBC news; they didn’t go digging for it themselves, as it would have the “FILED” stamp instead.

Since the case is so new, there likely hasn’t been a response yet. When there is, it will be available via the court’s website for a fee, in case you’re interested.

In the meantime, I’m betting someone at that law firm made a lot of money and/or is likely getting fired, lol.