The Teal Swan Cult Part 1: The Swan

The Teal Swan Cult Part 1: The Swan

Holgi / Pixabay

Some time after I was witness to Teal Swan’s incredibly absurd article about child abuse, I was researching videos by other “Law” of Attraction personalities. I had forgotten about the article above, until I saw Teal’s name and a great deal of videos that she did.

The first video, which I watched, was entitled “F*ck the Law of Attraction.” The video can be summarized as follows:



  1. People hate the law of Attraction
  2. The Law of Attraction is how the universe works
  3. We are apparently in the process of manifesting a new universal rule or some shit like that.

This was when I first started to take note of who Teal was. After remembering her above article, I looked further into her. At a young age, she was allegedly incorporated into some hybrid mormon/satanic cult. She was subject to abuse and indoctrination for several years, while her parents didn’t think a word or realize a thing. She managed to break free at 19 and is now touring the world trying to “Heal” people.

Based on fragments of information, I also know she modeled at certain points in her life.   She claims that she was forced to by her cult until she got tattoos, which supposedly prevented her from continuing to model.  Nevermind the fact that several people continue to model despite (or sometimes because of) their tattoos.


Teal Swan’s media online

Teal is a prolific video poster on Youtube. Her video content ranges from psychology, to medical issues, to mystical/spiritual content. Her videos generally consist of her talking to you (through the camera) in front of a green screen. During this,  she stares almost unblinking at you, as if dispensing a stern lecture with you about how you broke an expensive vase.

At some point, Teal decided to create a Premium section of her website, locking certain content behind a monthly price of about $12 (As of the writing of this post). The posts are usually past workshops she has hosted and extended daily updates that she makes on her Instagram account.

While Teal does have a Twitter account, it is simply a repost of her Facebook content.

Teal Tribe

Teal also has a community of people dedicated to following her, which she refers to as “Teal Tribe.” The group has a Facebook page and a forum on Teal’s own site, where they talk about the various issues brought up by her. You would imagine that it’d probably be a big “love and light” community all about how wonderful Teal and the “Law” of Attraction is, but you would be wrong. 

In the next post, I’ll be talking a little more about Teal Tribe. This will include what I learned when I entered the group.