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I hope that you were listening to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai right now regarding Net Neutrality. He said this with a straight face: “The FCC would simply require Internet service providers to be transparent about their practices so that consumers can buy the service plan that’s best for them and entrepreneurs and other small businesses can have the technical information they need to innovate.”

I won’t bore you with yet another plea to reject Net Neutrality. Many other sites with much better followings are doing a better job of rounding those up. Instead, I want to offer my thinking as to why we keep having to fight.

The communication industry will stop at nothing to end net neutrality

Companies such as Verision, AT&T and Spectrum have deep pockets. They also know that we the consumer don’t. Companies also employ legions of lobbyists to argue before Congress to tell them whatever they want. They will even lie in order to convince Congress that they’re correct. The companies want this, maybe not to block certain websites from end users, but to force providers like Netflix to pay extra in order for fast-lane access to the Internet, which Netflix in turn will blow back on its users.

Net neutrality will end when its proponents are either burnT out OR APATHETIC

The problem is that as I’ve said above, Net Neutrality opponents have more than enough money to keep this battle going as long as possible. They’re in it for the long run and they want to make it as difficult and enduring as possible for regular users to keep up. THEY WANT TO WEAR PEOPLE DOWN. 

Net Neutrality opponents are not above dirty tricks.

This year,the most underhanded tactics of all took place. Chairman Moron has said that despite the numerous protests and posts condemning the end of Net Neutrality, Ajit only said he would review those that had compelling factual or legal reasoning at to preserve Net Neutrality. In other words, who cares if everyone and their mother wants to preserve Net Neutrality? The FCC is ruled only by those who have the legal knowledge to argue for it…and I get the feeling they wouldn’t listen to them anyway.

Unfortunately  the vote on December 14th  removed Net Neutrality. But the war is far from over.