Content Services


Need someone to write some content for you to post while you’re away? Or do you need extra help putting your content together? I can help. Although I tend to write mainly in social media and consumer tech, given ample research/resources, I can write about anything.

Website Copy

Just create a brand spanking new website but don’t know how to fill it up? I can develop content that says who you are, and what you’re selling. I can separate you from all your competitors as well; get content they they don’t have!

Includes free 1-hour phone consultation to determine what content you need.


NOTE: In the above services, you CAN specify a maximum word count that I will abide by; you do not pay beyond the maximum word count.


I can edit content for general quality, clarity and proofreading. I can also adhere to the AP stylebook, or any site-specific styleguide you need.

Price: 10 cents per word count of original, unedited manuscript.

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