My name is  James Dabbagian. I earned a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies in 2009, with an emphasis in political and media rhetoric. I don’t really like to pidgeonhole myself into one single area, as there are multiple services I perform, such as the following:

  • WordPress Consulting
  • Content and Article Writing
  • Minor web design and development

I have more than five years experience in blogging and copywriting, and have worked several aspects of it:

  • Blog posts
  • Website/Page content
  • SEO Optimization
  • Facebook/Twitter posts

I’ve written copy with work ranging from website copy to blogs to SEO content. I’ve also used Microsoft Office for 12 years and I also have experience with a variety of programs. I’ve been in charge of various content production areas, such as writing ad copy for websites and flyers. For instance, A flyer for a startup I interned for managed to land 45% more signups for business mixers. I’ve also written posts that increased readerships on several blogs, such as Problogger, Blog World Expo and Lorelle on WordPress. Here are a few of my achievements: – Handled blogs that have a readership of 10,000 readers per month – Developed one of the first reviews of the iPhone App Store –  Developed a content strategy for several blogs, including SEO-helping content. – Spearheaded guidelines toward content creation for a major writing firm. – Consulted on the creation of bios for social media clients. For more information, check out my portfolio.