Why you need yourname@yourdomain.com as an email address


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You’d think that an email address with one’s own domain would be website management 101, but so many people don’t do it that it’s terrifying.

Just last week, I saw a plumber with an advertisement for his site on his truck, but it invited people to contact him at his Gmail account on there as well! I’ve met many a “Social Media Consultant” that asks people to email them at their Hotmail account (and a few that only have a Facebook page, but that’s another post), and (GASP) I’ve even still seen the occasional @Aol.com email being dished out!

Even if you don’t have a business, you should still have your own domain and email! If you’re looking for a job, it says many things about you if you have your own email address, even if you don’t have a site.

You need a professional email address

It’s basic professionalism to not have an email like cutegal4u@aohell.com or goodwithguns@pmail.net, but people don’t seem to realize that a professional name linked with a regular email provider isn’t good enough anymore. I mean really, who still uses Hotmail? Nobody, that’s who.

And it’s not like it’s expensive, either. Most hosting management utilities such as cPanel allow you to create email addresses for your domains from within the program, and all you need to do is pick the name and enter a password.

Don’t want a new account, yet still want an email from your domain? You can make it an email forwarder! Any email this address receives is instead sent to another email address. So if you’re to set in Gmail to leave, you can simply have yourname@yourdomain.com forward all of your email to that Gmail account, and let Google’s labels and spamchecks keep on flowing.

You really don’t have an excuse, so get started now!