Review: Facebook All-In-One for Dummies

Despite countless efforts by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook still remains a mystery to some people. Its interface can be quite complex for certain people to understand. Fortunately, help has arrived as one of the many venerable For Dummies books: Facebook All-In-One for Dummies, by Phyllis Khare and Andrea Vahl.


This Dummies book is actually six mini-books in one. Each one covers a completely different part of facebook, ranging from basic operation of the site to running Facebook ads. In effect, this book casts out a wide audience net, from the clueless newbie to the social media manager. One envisions grandparents and technophobes falling in love with this book.

What I like

This book aims to be a comprehensive introduction to Facebook for almost everyone, from the casual user to the business professional. For the most part (Except for one part below) the instructions for use are very comprehensive, and are easy enough for even the most inexperienced social media newbie to follow along with. And because of the wide net cast, there’s something for just about everyone. Clueless people will love how all the info on learning Facebook is present in one big book.

What could be improved

After reading this book, I really feel like the section on programming with Facebook should have been left out. There was very little detail in the mini-book on how to program for Facebook, and several links to tutorials and instructions on how to work it in its place. This is almost to be expected, considering that a book on programming for ANYTHING, from BASIC to FORTRAN to Facebook, is in itself a massive book. The mini-book only skims the surface of what can be done with things such as FBML (Which I don’t think is even used anymore) or writing apps in general. I think work should have been put on the other parts of the book instead.

The bottom line

I’d recommend this book for two types of people: People who are absolutely new to Facebook, and people who are absolutely new to MARKETING with Facebook. Even then, I feel this book skims the surface of the potential of Facebook (Which considering it is “For Dummies” is a given,) and once you grasp the basic concepts offered by this book, you should move on to other books that are more specialized, such as photos for Facebook, its API, ads, etc. Still, for something that essentially gives you a basic ground in Facebook, I’d consider this a good stepping stone.

And as previously stated, if you want to start writing apps for Facebook, this is not the book for you. There are plenty that are better and more suited for learning FB’s API.

Facebook All-In-One for Dummies is available from Click this Affiliate link for more information.

  • Hi James,
    Thank you so much for reviewing the book! I’m actually one of the authors of the book. Andrea & Phyllis wrote Facebook *Marketing* All-In-One For Dummies (along with Amy Porterfield); Daniel Herndon and I wrote Facebook All-In-One For Dummies. I was a development and tech editor for the FB Marketing AIO books, so I know how confusing it can be. 🙂 
    I really appreciate your feedback on the book. I’m going to pass it along to my editors so they can take it into consideration as other books are published. Our book, as you pointed out, is really great at the basic stuff, but if you want to delve more deeply into FB marketing, I highly recommend Facebook Marketing All-In-One For Dummies. Both books together provide a great education. 
    Thanks again for taking the time to review the book!