Your links at a glance: A review of Rebelmouse

If there is any one activity at the core of all social media, it’s link sharing. When you dole out links like heck as a Internet user, however, they tend to get lost in the fold. With Rebelmouse, however, that may be a thing of the past.

What it is

Rebelmouse is essentially one’s own online newspaper. It takes the links that you Tweet and post on Facebook and summarizes them in one single page for your viewing pleasure. You can also share your page with others. Here’s mine.  All links are automatically recorded without your input.

What I like

Instead of having to scroll down to see all the links I have sent off on my Twitter account, I have them all right in front of my face. Furthermore, other people, if they so desired, could take a look and see what I usually link (And make a quick impression of the kind of stuff I’m into.) I give this a lot more favor than I do gave you NO control over what topics would be sent, and whether or not someone was included in your Paper tweet was a pure crapshoot.

What could be improved

The UI can get incredibly cluttered at times. Two links that are completely different from each other in theme or topic can be placed right next to each other.  It also tends to get rather disorganized because of the different sizes and whether or not the links have pictures or just text.

What I want to see

I’d like to see several things as Rebelmouse moves out of beta into general public use. I think these features should greatly improve the usability of the site:

  • Create separate tabs for each different social network. I use Facebook and Twitter for two separate purposes, so seeing the different content in one page gets kind of confusing.
  • Include links from other people you follow/friend, not just your own content. That alone would make Rebelmouse AMAZING. Granted it already allows this for specific accounts, but I’d like a page that follows everyone.
  • Different themes? As one writer once said, a white background is a lot like staring at a light bulb. I’d like a darker theme.
  • Allow text-only tweets for certain pages (Like for following Twitter Chats.) This would eliminate the need for people like me to dig through Tweetchat, or use Storify to manually create a summary.

The Bottom Line

Me personally, I like it. But I think it can go further. It’s good for when I need to jump back in my Twitter account and dig up a link for something I wanted to look at on my computer or save to Instapaper, or email to someone else.  And of course, if you like to link to several sites and pages, this can be a lifesaver if you forget where that important article on how to clean ostrich wings went.

Rebelmouse is currently in Beta-only. However, you may request an invitation to use the service here. 

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  • Just wanted to lodge a note somewhere on a RebelMouse issue I am having.  I’ve been loving R.Mouse – love the drag ‘n’ drop thingy so I can add stories easy in, and love that it plugs into my blog as a widget BUT I think at the moment I connected my twitter to it, it superimposed my rebelmouse url 1 level over my blog url in my twitter profile.  Which I don’t like.  And I could not get rid of. Finally deleted my rebelmouse account and it is still there.  I have a note in to twitter help to resolve it but ..   This is sort of a big deal for any user who uses twitter as a main way to promo a blog or other web site.   Not sure if my experience is a fluke yet.