Has Blogging become too complicated?

Problogger.net's Word CloudThe above image is a word cloud genration of Problogger’s RSS Feed Content. As you can see, clearly there is a lot more going on here than just blogging.

Recently on #blogchat, a small debate ensued about whether or not blogging had become more complicated than it should be. And I think that it has.  Blogging simply used to be all about having good content and having something for your readers to discuss. Now it’s all about the SEO and the SEM and the CSS and the WTF.


One of the cool things about programs like WordPress is that it’s supposed to make blogging EASY. No need to worry about PHP or MySQL or trying to mess with CSS, just install and blog. But for some reason, it’s getting more complicated. There’s so much more you have to do to be an effective blogger than simply blog.

What else is there? Why we need to figure out how to optimize our blogging for the almighty Google! We also need to share our posts with every social network in the universe! Also, don’t forget that we also have to ask questions and use HEADERS to tell readers where we are. Oh, and my personal least favorite thing:

The obligatory image.

Made Out of Dust

Made Out of Dust (Photo credit: Samyra Serin)The "Obligatory" Image.





Now look. I’m not advocating that we all have no standards when we blog, or that we shouldn’t care about the quality of our writing, but realize that maybe it doesn’t need to be as complicated as we make it out to be. Why not write at least one blog post where you don’t think about SEO, or find images to put on your site, or think about the CSS and how the theme fits.

Write for the sake of writing. For your sake.

Do you feel like there’s too much involved in clicking that “Publish” button? Or are they just necessary evils?

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