Six Reasons why LiveFyre rocks

I praise Lifefyre more times than I probably should. Especially during #Blogchat when people ask how to get more people commenting on their blog. My first response is almost always this: Install Livefyre.

Livefyre is a commenting plugin that takes over the default WordPress comment system on your blog. Don’t worry, all of your comments will be imported to Livefyre, and the installation is as painless as WordPress itself is. Once you do, it’ll be like soap: “Aren’t you glad you use LiveFyre? Don’t you wish everybody did?”

  • Signups URL/Name/Email….URL/Name/Email…URL/Name/Email…URL/Name/Email…Gets tedious after a while, doesn’t it? Well, with Livefyre, you sign up for them once, and you never have to do it again.
  • Multiple ways to post without registering – Wanna really piss a reader off?

    Livefyre (Photo credit: thecadfiles)

    Make them register for your site in order to comment! For something that odds are they’d only one-off, you can make then jump through a hoop so annoying it needs its own bullet. Thankfully, users can sign up for a Livefyre account and post on any blog that uses it.

  • No need to moderate – Nothing makes a blogger cringe like seeing “Your comment is pending moderation” after they post a thoughtful comment on the post you worked so hard to show. With LiveFyre, you don’t need to worry about spam since it goes through its own spam filters, and you can easily remove hostile comments as well.
  • Post with Twitter, Facebook and more –  You don’t have to sign up for a LiveFyre account either. (CORRECTION: Apparently you are automatically signed up for a LiveFyre account if you use FB or Twitter, but Livefyre still offers anonymous guest commenting. ) You can use your Twitter or Facebook account to post, as well as other networks that continue to be added. This is another benefit to bloggers; they don’t have to be limited to one social network to post. (Awesome if you despise using FB comments, like I do.)
  • Twitter support – Livefyre’s Twitter account  and their community manager, Jenna Langer, provide awesome support for Livefyre over Twitter. They’re very personable and know exactly what they’re doing.
  • User Interface –  The WordPress comment box blows chunks. Livefyre is prettier. No debate here.
All in all, you should install it. Doing it will definitely encourage more people to comment on it. 
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  • You’re the best jtdabbagian ! Thanks for all your support, and I’m so glad I got to meet you at BWELA last year. Will you be joining us in NY?

    • JTDabbagian

       @jennalanger Sadly no. But let me know if you guys will be hitting LA soon…and I’ll definitely see Y’all at Vegas next year! 

    •  @jennalanger What are your thoughts on Disqus 2012? It is their newest product.

  • I agree with everything you said, though I’m actually fine with the URL/Name/Email bit. To me, it beats creating another account and keeping track of yet another password.  🙂
    The best of both worlds is that you – and some other folks – have configured your LiveFyre plugin in WordPress so it will also allow allow Guest posts from folks like me.

  • Disqus 2012 is rocking the boat now! Time for another battle of the comment solutions.

  • Livefyre does not install to as many platforms as Livefyre. You have a WordPress solution, and everything else is probably JS code.
    Take a look:

    • JTDabbagian

       @MHazell I assume you mean that LiveFyre doesn’t install to as many platforms as Disqus… 
      Anyway, As for Disqus, been there, done that. I really don’t like it. I never know if someone replied to my comments unless I visit  another Disqus site, there doesn’t seem to be easy access to my “account,” and it just doesn’t look as good as LiveFyre does. Plus, LF seems more geared to promoting conversations than just comments. 
      I really don’t care that it’s not available for a ton of platforms. WordPress is the platform I prefer to work with, and that’s all that matters to me. 

      •  @JTDabbagian Have you seen Disqus 2012? It imo smokes LiveFyre.

        • @MHazell  Disqus never seem to load these days.