Twitter for small business – Reviewing Twitter’s book

Recently, Twitter released a free ebook for small businesses on how to maximize its Twitter effectiveness. The ebook is a 22 page long report that could essentially be considered Twitter for Dummies.

Summary and audience

The book is designed for small businesses that have absolutely no clue how to use Twitter. Actually, I’d take it a step further; this is for businesses that have no clue how to use social networks in general. Most of the information in the book is EXTREMELY basic. It can be seen as an A to Z on all aspects of using Twitter for business.

What I like

The book provides a very comprehensive approach to working twitter as a business. It teaches topics such as effective hashtag use, planning out tweets over the course of a week, as well as interacting with others using Twitter. There’s a vast net of topics that are easily accessible using the table of contents, and eveerything one would need to get started is readily available.

If you know absolutely nothing about Twitter, this is the book for you.

What could be improved

Because the ebook casts a rather large net on Twitter topics, the actual content itself seems to fall short. Most of the content is maybe 1-2 paragraphs, tops, and could go into much more detail, considering that the book is written by Twitter for Twitter. For example, there is a section of the book on one’s voice. Voice in social media is something that ENTIRE #Blogchats have been dedicated to. Yet Twitter only talks about it in one paragraph, and doesn’t do a very good job in that paragraph either:

Reply when people tweet about you. Favorite and retweet positive messages,and thank those who are praising you. Promptly address critical Tweets about your business.

Some conversations need to be taken offline. If there is too much back and forth between you and your customer, or the exchanges become too specific for your timeline, ask the follower to send you a direct message (DM) with contact
information so you can communicate further by email or phone.

Common sense? Yes. But nothing on personality, behavior or persona, which is the first thing I think of when I think voice. It covers manners well, but this is not voice.

The bottom line

Since the book is essentially free, go ahead and consider it as a starting point for your Twitter social media campaigns, but don’t let it be the only book you read. The book only skims the surface of Twitter’s potential. There are many different blogs and ebooks you can check out that go into much more detail how businesses can use Twitter.

Again, if you are a complete Twitter newbie, get this book. If you know what you’re doing, find something else.