On Page Length

There are tons of blog posts, big and small, thin and fat, far and wide.

But between Pandas and Penguins, between blog posts of all types, there seems to be one annoying question that I constantly have to deal with myself:


How many words must a blog write down before you can call it a blog?

The answer my friend….is blowing in the algorithm.

See, with Panda and Penguin I’d harbor a guess that nobody really knows what makes effective page length. Obviously typing a few sentences and calling it a day isn’t going to help you, but do you really need to write Wikipedia or Steve Pavlina-sized blog articles for Google to notice your content?

 I don’t think so.

Words have a power all their own

PAGES! (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)

Me personally, I’ve always tended to write on the shorter end of the scale. In grad school, I would be grateful to hit the minimum page count while others would be worried about REDUCING THEIR PAPER SIZE. I kicked myself for it constantly until I came into the world of copywriting, where shorter really is better.

Point is, if you can say something in a few simple words and not take an entire paragraph to explain it, you’re awesome in my eyes. Google isn’t looking so much for the count of your words, but the content of your works: Does it explain its point well? Do you have a main idea? Do you provide links to other pages or information on the subject? Is the content quality consistent on your blog? Do you stuff your blog full of pointless fluff?

I honestly think there seems to be some sort of mentality in the blogosphere that says longer is better, even if it means having to sound like a dictionary. That needs to go. NOW.   All content should be as succinct as possible. Say what needs to be said, and only go into details when the reader wouldn’t be able to figure it out themselves (ESPECIALLY if your readers already know some details in your post.)

Bottom line: Keep it short and to the point.


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  • Thanks for the link to my post. I agree–less can be more when it comes to blog post length, no matter what the subject matter.

    • JTDabbagian

       @crubin Yeah. I still have nightmares sometimes about insanely long things I have to read. I want to make it my personal mission to tell the world that shorter is often better. 

  • I agree James, it doesn’t need to go on and on. I like short and sweet. If I land somewhere and it’s way too long I may not stay for lack of time.