Five Twitter Chats for Bloggers & Writers

If you (Like me) are of the written word-inclined, there are several different twitter chats available for you. Check out some popular choices below:

#blog101 – Allison Duncan hosts a blogging chat for newbies weekly, with topics covering the very basics of blogs, such as what to write about, choosing a blog engine, and basic instructions for using and running a blog. Chat topics typically relate to WordPress but can be applied to most other blogs.

#blog101 is hosted weekly every Friday, from 8pm-9pm PST.

#blogchat – One of, if not the biggest Twitter Chat of them all. Mack Collier hosts Blogchat to bring together bloggers from all walks of life, and of all experiences. His Twitter Chats are typically brought together under one subject which participants discuss for the duration of the chat. Mack also has two special #blogchats per month: One where 3-4 bloggers have the opportunity to be reviewed by the community as a whole, and an open-forum on the last Sunday of each month.

#blogchat is every Sunday from 9pm – 10pm EST. Check out the #blogchat information page as well.

#wordcarnival – A blog carnival is one of the first true forms of lists. It’s a group of blog entries that are shared around a particular theme for that month. #blogcarnival is a monthly chat celebrating that blog carnival, led by Tea Silvestre and including the bloggers of that carnival.

#wordcarnival is a monthly chat that’s from 4pm – 5pm PST, on the Thursday following last Wednesday of that month. Learn more about Blog Carnivals.

#Journchat – #Journchat is one of the oldest Twitter Chats of the group. Originally founded for journalists, the chat now incorporates bloggers and public relations experts, although chat topics typically revolve around journalism. The chat is hosted by Sarah Evans.


#Journchat is hosted every Monday, from 8-9pm EST.

#Writechat – A basic bread and butter type of chat, #Writechat is a chat for writers that want to improve their craft. Often includes writing prompts and challenges. The moderator is Julie Issac.


#Writechat is on Sundays at 12-3pm, PST.